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HISTORY Thistles started with an earlier blog, Jen & Joy's Closet in early May '09 but went from plural to singular. :-) HOW IT ALL STARTED A girl's love of clothes and add-ons at reasonable prices. Tired of too much looking around for beautiful and right clothes on her (she doesn't has an Angelina Jolie figure, not everyone has)so she has decided to act. Thus, Thistles came to blogspot as a medium between people like her and clothes. CONCEPT Thistles aims to provide good quality clothes that fits everyone at reasonable prices.We hope to give you the right beautiful clothes and add-ons to what all girls want : to look good anytime, anywhere. It's an online boutique that provides different styles and sizes because hey, we're all different.


Postage Day : Every Mondays of the month (except public holidays, by which postage day will be on Wednesday instead)

Hey gurls.. I'm so sorry to dissapoint everyone.. I have been promising you to update as soon as possible but unfortunetely, I've been caught up so busy.. Rest assured, the items have already been purchased and there's a huge bulk of them. Only prob is, I haven't been having time to snap pictures and post 'em up. Real sorry. Please come back soon~!

ITEMS COMING UP : JEANS, BAGS, WORKING COLTHES & SUMMER DRESSES :-D (mostly imported directly from Korea & Taiwan..yipee!)

Blessed day~!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dazzle me

A rare Marc Jacobs designs, with shiny jewels around the top. It has folds running from the top to bottom, giving the impression of a taller and slimmer you. Extremely comfortable, classy and comes with a free jewel hairpin. Go flaunt it!

*Free jewelled hairpin


SIZE : Fits size 5 to 9
MATERIAL : 50% Silk + 50% Cotton
COLOUR : Blue(1), Black(1)
STATUS : Available
RM 58

Baby Ts

Baby, baby Ts..Yes, we all love them. They are great with dresses, jackets, cardigans etc. Stretchable and fitting. Colourful and eye-popping. Low cut on the front & behind. Simple & sexy. Hehe.

*Dress not included

SIZE : Free size
MATERIAL : Lycra + smooth cotton
COLOUR : Grey(sold), Black(1), Blue(1), Pink(sold), Cream pink(sold)
STATUS : Available

"Previously known as Jen & Joy Closet, they’re now calling themselves Thistles! Bringing you baby tees at only rm18 each, this one here sure is a steal alright! Better hurry before they run out of stocks!" Reviewed by A Shopaholic's Den

Thank you Shopaholic's Den for the review! ;-)

Sweet & Sassy

Curvaceous dress for a date out or a casual dinner. This dress shows a good slim waist.Dress it up or down. Has a zipper on the side for easy wearing. You'll be amazed at the colours. Think metallic and velvet, deep and rich hues.

SIZE : Fits about size 5-8
COLOUR : Purple(Sold), Black(1), Grey(1)
STATUS : Available
RM 45

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Flowers for me

A dress that gets you thinking of flowers,literally.It has adjustable strap on the back and it's loose from chest down.A great wear for this hot,hot season. ;-)

*Bag not included

SIZE : Fits S to M.
MATERIAL : Light cotton
COLOUR : Yellow(1), Pink(Sold)
STATUS : Available
RM 35

Lil' Riding Hood

Big collars, comfy material and pockets on each side. Yay!

SIZE : Free size (loose)
MATERIAL : Smooth cotton
COLOUR : Purple(Sold), Brown(1), Grey(1), Black(Sold)
STATUS : Available
RM 40

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Comes in black and white. Aside providing comfort, it gives you the classic look. The puff-up sleeves are cute.. Tee-hee.

* Skirt & belt not included

SIZE : Free size
MATERIAL : Light cotton
COLOUR : White(1), Black(Sold)
STATUS : Available
RM 35

Featured by My Basic Fashion Folder on Quickie Updates~
Special thanks to My BFF for the feature! :-)

Leather belt

Ahhh..The classic leather belt for your classic look. Mix & match, gurls!

SIZE : Adjustable
MATERIAL : Leather
COLOUR : Brown(1)
STATUS : Available
RM 32

Flower Power belt

Beautiful vintage belts to go with your dresses & tops. They come with hooks for easy size adjustments. Love the flowers!

SIZE : Adjustable
COLOUR : Dark brown(1), Maltese(1)
STATUS : Available
RM 25

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey sexy !

SIZE : Free size
MATERIAL : Lycra + Fine cotton
COLOUR : Black(1)
STATUS : Available
RM 55



SIZE : Free size
COLOUR : White(1), Creamy pink(Sold), Yellow(Sold), Baby blue(1)
STATUS : Available
RM 25

Assorted expressions graphic print. ;D
Monochrome black and white.
Long baby Tee cutting. :)
Unusual enough. ;)
Reviewed by Diary of an

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